Her Damnation

The hours of slumber had abandoned her last night

The deafening scream of her consciousness kept her awake

She could not find sleep nor could sleep find her

The night had granted slumber to the others,

but not her

She was wide-open in the unbearable thoughts of missed passion

The world became a smaller place

A place of shattered people with shattered lives trying to live in an unshattered way

She now understood

She understood broken/ the way pain cripples you into paralysis/ places a choke-hold upon your throat without remorse

It was war/ a war the others would neither know nor feel

At moments, she was unable to catch her breath/ find an exit/ the thick smog of hurt clamped down on her/ unable to find oxygen

She was being asphyxiated by more than air but the suffocation of pain

How dare the gods do this? How dare she do this? How dare the world to do this?

And even though she whined the sorrows of her own consciousness she found herself in the mirror looking back

She became her own nightmare

Her own hell and place of damnation


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