the moment of truth

imageCalm was the body that nestled itself beneathe the clear, blue skies that morning

Tenderly the sun kissed her brown cheeks with a familiarity of a lover, a dear friend, a parent

Tears fell like raindrops from closed eyes too enamored with the moment, with being alive, feeling the breeze race across her bare toes

There was something happening between the the soil beneath her feet, the radiant gaze of the sun on her face and the innermost parts of her being

legs outstretched and crossed with hands behind her back and head held high facing the heavens

she was present and most alive

all that was had buried itself in the past, so she had thought

but the feeling of pain, hurt, regret, misery trickled within the lap of her present moment

the feeling of darkness had given her permission to run through endless mistakes from the past

the burning desire to forget and to simply live beyond her yesterday’s became goal

it was in that moment of darkness that she reached within and found forgiveness/ allowing herself to forgive her past because her God was Most Merciful and Loving

humans despair too often without holding on/ realizing that there is more than the pain and the hurt and the struggle

So in the midst of her sorrows, she found strength in the powers to be/ she gave herself the beginning step to heal/ to self-actuality/ to understand that hope is a believer’s bestfriend even when the world had left them to the chaos and misery of existence

she knew that day that she would forever reach inside herself and find hope and God as one and the same

that nothing was impossible to overcome

that nothing was too big to be handled by the one that  gives and takes life


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