Her Damnation

The hours of slumber had abandoned her last night

The deafening scream of her consciousness kept her awake

She could not find sleep nor could sleep find her

The night had granted slumber to the others,

but not her

She was wide-open in the unbearable thoughts of missed passion

The world became a smaller place

A place of shattered people with shattered lives trying to live in an unshattered way

She now understood

She understood broken/ the way pain cripples you into paralysis/ places a choke-hold upon your throat without remorse

It was war/ a war the others would neither know nor feel

At moments, she was unable to catch her breath/ find an exit/ the thick smog of hurt clamped down on her/ unable to find oxygen

She was being asphyxiated by more than air but the suffocation of pain

How dare the gods do this? How dare she do this? How dare the world to do this?

And even though she whined the sorrows of her own consciousness she found herself in the mirror looking back

She became her own nightmare

Her own hell and place of damnation


I Remember Her

The familiar sound of her voice scraped against my soul to only leave remnants of past memories shuttering back and forth in my head

It was scary that night

It felt as if a tornado had ripped through me, slicing open the wounds that she had left behind for me

She had left a bloody mess the last time I saw her/ creeping back into my present/

Her body adorned in the attire of the Gulf sent shivers up and down my spine/ for I do not know why she has chosen to come back to see me

Had she made the wrong turn in the afterlife? Had she slipped and fallen back into time? Motioning her way back into what isn’t

I remember the way she would belt Arabic across her tongue at the break of dawn

and the way she cried litanies with hands raised high to the Most Merciful, Most Gracious

Had she come back to relinquish the past? To uproot what was buried?

I remember her. The way that Ayahs and surahs would flow so eloquently from her throat to be heard by all in the heavens.

It’s Your Life: Make the Impossible Possible


       I must be honest with myself. I’ve always had this issue with not racing after the life that I seek to live. We all have choices. We all have circumstances. However, we are not our circumstances. I can tell you every reason why I shouldn’t be where I am or what I have become. Nevertheless, I have tried my hardest to never allow my circumstances to stop me. It’s so easy to simply give into your sorrows. It’s easy, but is it what you really want? Probably not. So, it’s best to gather all the strength that you have and change your situation.
        Yes, changing your circumstances may not happen overnight but you can do it. It’s not impossible. It takes some real soul-searching. It does. It takes you to truly reflect on your life right now. We don’t have time to waste. Right now is all that we have. If something or someone doesn’t fit in the plan then make the cut. Some of us spend time with friends and partners that are toxic to our well-being. Cut it! Sometimes it can be as simple as someone that is holding you back for whatever reason. Be real with them and have that conversation. Of course, if the conversation is hard then just remember that this person probably deserves, at the minimum, to know your feelings. Nonetheless,  don’t go back on your initial decision. You have to know that your well-being comes before anyone. You must be selfish in this aspect. If you don’t know how to be selfish about yourself then you’ll be satisfying everyone except for yourself. You know this feeling. It’s the least fulfilling thing you could probably ever do. Make the decision now to turn your life around.
          Now, turning one’s life around may sound pretty treacherous. It’s not. It’s your life. You are the captain of your own ship. You’re running the ship. You’re your own boss. There isn’t anything to explain to anyone. Your life is your business. You are the Guardian over your own life. This is a personal endeavor.  You deserve the best that life can offer you. You shouldn’t feel bad for seeking out what you’re needing. I wouldn’t. We have one life to live. Make it count!  Everyday is a blessing. So, take heed to that piece of advice. You have one shot at this. Make it as fulfilling as possible. Give yourself that! If you don’t, I promise that you will regret it. Make the world shine! Go out there and make the impossible possible.

The Soul Within

I want to dive in the back alley of my soul
The place where nobody treads
The dark and questionable place
The place where ghouls and demons lie
Where my deepest passions squirms
The place that smells bitter and unadulterated- that place
I want to reach in and hug myself
I want to know that I’m alive and well

I am not dead, but very much alive

There is that back alley way deep within my soul that burns
It’s a civilization that squirms with my deepest fears and yearnings
It screams from within
The back alley bleeds my most sacred passions unexplored

The back alley is a distant place that I haven’t yet traveled to in a while
It stays tightly hidden beneath lies and routine that I forget about it
Or at least I try to
But it gnaws at me with a persistence
It creeps up while performing mundane routines and unfulfilled ventures and cries out to me

It wants me to come and visit
It wants me to take a trip within and see
See what I’m missing



I can remember fingers dug into skin
Hands gripping hips
Lips intertwining
Tears bleeding forth/gushing forth like menstrual blood

You loved me.
You loved the parts I couldn’t love
You loved the person I was learning to love

I can remember intense conversations at 3 am
Morning breakfast with the sun’s gaze reaching over us
Silent prayers before our meals
Watching trains pass on tracks against bridges
Seeing light reflect upon the river

You loved me
You loved the parts I couldn’t love
You loved the parts I was learning to love

I can remember the times in which you caught my tears
I can remember when you hugged me so tight you melted the broken pieces together
I can remember when you fed me when I lacked money to feed myself
I can remember the long ride to places when I wanted to give up, but you pushed me to keep going

You loved me
You loved me for me
You loved me for who I was, what I am and who I became

You loved me
You loved me
But more importantly, you taught me to never give up on myself.

We Change Like Seasons


    It’s that time again! The weather becomes colder. The leaves start to change. People bundle up in jackets. The kids sip on hot drinks. Mornings reek of pumpkin muffins and buttermilk pancakes. Yes, it’s that time. It’s autumn. Like seasons, we are constantly changing and undergoing the uncertainties of life.
      Most of us will agree that life a year, two years, ten years or twenty years ago was different from today. We are not the same person we were months or years ago. We all undergo various transformations. We all find ourselves passing through spaces and meeting new people. In being people of constant change, I do believe that we will never be the same person we were before meeting new people or experiencing different things.
         I believe that experiences and the meeting of new people can forever change you for life. Our minds will transform as we explore the world and ourselves. I do not know if its ever possible to be a certain way all of your life. Maybe it is, but I know that within the last few years of my life I have grown. I have extended my heart in ways that are extraordinary and unbelievable. I will never forget the first time that I went swimming. I will never forget the first time I had Mexican sweetbread. I will never forget the first time I held a man close to my body to the extent that I could feel breath on my neck causing my heart to race. I will never forget the first time I realized I could be equal to men. There are just things I can never forget because it has made me who I am.
        Who we are and what we are can only be determined by us. I am the culmination of my experiences, the people I’ve met, the people I’ve loved, and the spaces I’ve entered. I am relatively happy about this. I’m not proud of every choice or mistake that I’ve made, but I am content. I want to live my truth. I have come to the point in my life in which it is more important to live in a way that is truthful than in a way that is a lie. I want to live consciously. I do not want to live in regrets. I do not want to deny myself what feels right to me, but it’s a lot harder than that. I will admit that, but I will be never give up on living out my truth. My truth may not be your truth. That’s okay. We all have to figure out what is best for us.
        One thing that is true about seasons is that they will always remind us about the nature of life. Life is constantly changing and challenging us. It causes us to dive into circumstances at the most unexpected times. It causes us to find ourselves in relationships that will always leave a soft spot in our hearts. It causes us to smile in the hard times because we know that we can get through them. Life isn’t stagnant. It doesn’t stand still. It forever moves and pushes us into unimaginable directions.

Making Today Count


    I have come to realize that life will happen no matter what. The time will pass. Events will occur. So, what does this mean to all of us? How do we fit in this reality of life? It’s simple. We advocate for the life we wish to live.
      Yes, I guess this sounds a bit too simple, but does everything have to be hard? We have the power to decide how we live each and everyday. I can complain each day about how I hate my job, but my complaints mean absolutely nothing if I’m not making moves to change my condition. I can wallow in my own sorrows about wanting to go back to school, but it’s not going to happen if I don’t make it a reality.
        We create our own reality. Or someone else can make it for us. I’ve always loved the saying, “If you don’t follow your dreams than you’ll help someone else with their’s”. We can make and break ourselves. We can either pull ourselves up by the bootstraps and get in the ring or simply let things occur. I must admit that I am guilty as charged. I am my own enemy. If there isn’t an enemy internally than you don’t have to worry about enemies outside of yourself. Just like everyone else, I have passions and dreams. I have things that I want to do and experience. So, it’s up to me to make it happen. It takes courage and determination.
       Interestingly enough, I believe that it sometimes takes being alone with yourself to figure things out. Also, it does sometimes help to listen to trusted friends. I will not say all the time, but sometimes. One of the best pieces of advice I’ve been given is to figure out myself and what I want. We can’t rely on others to make us happy. We can’t depend on others to give us the answers to life. We have to sometimes figure things out on our own. The most rewarding feeling for me is when I am able to get through something on my own. It is this self-sufficiency that causes me strive more in life. You have to know how to navigate life on your own and on your own terms. The problem comes when we depend too much on others because it means we are unable to do without them. Malcolm X once said that the oppressed had to create their own businesses, media outlets and livelihood, so they wouldn’t have to depend on their oppressor (s). How true is this? If you’re able to think for yourself then you don’t have to wait for someone to think for you. If you have your own crops then you don’t have to worry about how you’re going to eat. If you have everything that you need then you don’t have to worry about dependency to an extent. However, I do believe that all of us are dependent upon one another as a global community. Nevertheless, we usually try to figure things out on our own on a daily basis.
     So, what exactly am I saying out of this rant? I am simply saying that we do hold alot of power internally. Sometimes it does take us to just realize that we are powerful. Yes, it’s sometimes frightening to imagine that we can be a powerhouse in and of ourselves, but it’s plausible. Why isn’t it? Who said that you can’t be and do what you want? You are the captain of your own ship. So, start navigating it in a way that you feel fits. Conquer those dreams of yours and don’t turn back. You have work to do. You have things to accomplish. So, make today count. Make today the start of a new beginning.

Choosing to not be Apologetic


     It can be a lot easier to simply yield to whatever life gives you. It can be a lot easier to pretend that you don’t feel the excruciating pain. It can be a lot simpler to forego the void that you feel internally, but it’s not that simple. It will never be that simple. The pain within will always remind you that you are human. You are not a robot. You will feel that pain. You will always find yourself being reminded that being human is hardwork.
           So, what do you do? Where do you begin? You will and can never free yourself from the emotional roller-coaster that you’re on without admitting that it’s there. I’ve tried it. I’ve tried finding hobbies and ways to mask the hurt, but it doesn’t go away. It sticks to you. It becomes a part of you. The human response is fight or flight. In most cases, I am running away from myself. I disconnect from me. So, I roam the Earth fleeing from myself. Do you know that feeling of fleeing from yourself? It’s a feeling of never being able to be at peace with yourself, so you’re always running. You’re always running to a place that doesn’t exist. You’re trying to search for a place of peace when the first place you should look at is within. Peace starts from within. The answer to everything starts from within.
       The answer to freeing ourselves from the pain is to not be apologetic. I will never enjoy the pain that resides inside of me, but I will never feel regretful for feeling it. To feel is to be human. I want to always feel. I want to know that I am here. I am alive. I want to know that my emotions are warranted. I do not feel ashamed in saying that I feel. However, I will not be silenced because of the things I feel. I had chosen for a long time to practice silence, but I cant do it anymore. To be silent is to kill myself.

A Letter to Daddy


Dear Daddy,

You’ve hurt me. You’ve killed me. You’ve drained me, but I love you.

You’ve told me of my flaws and mistakes. You’ve shown me your disapproval, but I love you.

You’ve rendered me unsanitary. You’ve classified me as whore. You’ve scolded me for my choice, but I love you.

You’ve drug me through the hearts of men to find you, but you weren’t there. You’ve castrated me, so I may never find pleasure from men. You’ve confiscated my heart, so a man may never have it, but I love you.

You’ve made me cry in the world without me wanting to run back into your arms. You’ve made me hate to love what is male, but I always try to piece together love for you.

You’ve made me see you as other than just father.

You are human.
You pain too.
You have flaws too.
You cry too.
You’ve made mistakes too.
You’ve been where I am too.

But father, my loving father, you have drained me. You have hurt me. You have killed me. You have killed me.

So, I find father in other places. I try finding love in others, but I cant.

The thought of you will forever riddle in my mind.

You are a virus and you’ve taken all control.

I live and sleep thinking of you. You are present even when you’re absent. I hear your voice even when I’m miles away.

Daddy, I love you.

I love you even when there’s too much pain to admit it, but I love you.

I am not your little girl anymore.  I am woman. I am adult. I am with flaws. I am with mistakes. I will never be perfect. I will never be your reflection.

I am me.
I am me.

Your daughter

Making Sense of Things


   In the current moment I am sitting in the bathroom at 12:38 A.M. I have no other reason in doing this besides simply wanting to bleed my heart out to the world. I do not know the names of the people that will come across this piece of writing, but I can only hope that this writing, my innermost thoughts will cause someone to derive some kind of benefit from it in one way or another.
        In the course of the last few months, I have traveled from one space to another. Most of these spaces, if not all, aren’t meant for me. I sleep in various places in which I can’t claim home. However, it is within these spaces that I have realized the importance of appreciating experiences in whatever form in which they may come. It is in these experiences that I have challenged myself into facing my own shortcomings, recognizing my own weaknesses and developing my own sense of independence.
           I do not know of a place in this world in which I can truly claim my own. So, I will classify myself as a nomad. I am a traveler. I am constantly moving. I am never settled in one spot. I have learned the craft of picking up and going. I tend to travel light and with just my necessities. I do not own anything besides a few items: clothes, shoes, a bike, cellphone and small things that can be packed away in my backpack. I mostly commute by bike or bus from one place to the next. I do not seek sympathy from anyone because this is a journey that I am going on and must learn from.
          Unfortunately, I have lost many people and found myself compromising values that I had once held dear to me. Maybe I am simply going through that stage of life in which I am trying to figure out what I truly need and want. Or it could simply be about me just experiencing life for what it is. I’m not sure about all of this, but I am a bit scared. Nonetheless, I feel grateful for being able to experience the things I have experienced. I wouldn’t say that experience is always the best teacher, but it is quite helpful. I’ve made plenty of mistakes along the way, so I am learning.
       In going through this nomadic period of my life, I feel as if I am alone. In many ways, I am alone. I create my own darkness and I am able to create my own light. It is usually ourselves that prevent us from continuing forward. It is definitely easier said than done, and I know this for a fact. Sometimes it can feel as if you’re going around in circles because nothing is changing. I must admit that I feel like this on most days. I live a nomadic lifestyle that is very routine – like. I wake up from wherever that may be, jump on my bike or a bus and go to work. After work, I jump on my bike or bus and head to some place to rest my head for the evening. This is my life.
       Along the way, I have met some amazing people and have done some incredible and less – than incredible things. So, I am running across some interesting things in life. Nonetheless,  I believe I live in this manner because I do not have a place I can call my own. I will not ignore the fact that this issue could be classified as a first – world problem. So, I completely accept that. Unfortunately, many of us live like this.
     Many of us live in these less – than acceptable conditions because we feel stuck and unable to take that next step. Indecisiveness can be the worst thing in world, especially when it comes down to our own welfare. We all come from different places and circumstances, so we understand what faces us on a daily- basis. Fortunately, it can sometimes take that one voice of reason and hope to push us into taking that next vital step.
       In being nomadic, I try to rely on myself in keeping a level-head while dealing with the daily adventures of life. In being the decision-maker of your own life, it is extremely important to know what is best for you. Only you can truly know what is best for you. Sure, we can take advice from people, but we have to be able to decide what we want for ourselves at the end of the day. This is not easy. It requires some real honesty with ourselves. I’ve made terrible mistakes, but after making those mistakes I have learned what to do and what not to do. However, this is easier said than done.
       So, in seeking to live a life that is appropriate for me I have to trust in myself and my choices. It’s really hard when you have doubts and that negative voice inside of you trying to prevent you from being all that you can be. There’s been days I have wanted to just hide under the covers away from the world, but I knew the this wouldn’t solve any problem. So, you have to get up and go.
     Many mornings, I just hop on my bike or a bus and just go. It would be easier to get in a car, but I am learning to seek contentment in the things that I already have. It’s hard not having a place that I can call my home, but it has caused me to work even harder to make it an actual space for myself. I travel a lot from different places, but I manage to take away one thing from living the way that I do.
      I have learned to never stop striving for what I want. You have to keep going. You cant stop. You must do what you need to do in order to get where you want to be