The Local City Market

Spices in the markets of Cairo

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I see different colors.

Orange, green, brown, yellow, purple, and lots more

The colors of different fruits and veggies

I can smell the food on the grill, and the fresh spices lingering in the air.

Smiles and laughter surrounds us

I pass people speaking arabic, spanish,vietnamese, chinese, and french

Sometimes I get tossed or lost in the crowd, but I nonetheless find my way back

I stop by to order my made-to-order tea along with the spices her brothers and her sell

She and her mother always tell me “Assalamu alaikum”

We have a short talk and laugh about the horrid-ness of work.

Her little brother finds his way in our conversation just listening and staring.

Behind us is her older brother selling the spices

Her mother is in the back cooking up pita breads, gyros and freshly brewed tea- for me.

Her father is up the corridor selling rice, meat, and sweet treats at the halal store

Along with other family members

I excused my self with the salam and we pass our smiles and I continue about my way

Passed the people

Passed the stares of antsy children

I head towards the halal store to get my usual pita bread with a spice.

Never sure of what spice to get, but surprises are nice

The last spice I bought was zaatar, but recently it was tandoori

I receive more salams and more smiles

And all I can think is “masha’ALLAH and alhumdulilah”

I continue about my way in another day that reminds me of somewhere far

That others call home

Big bazaars with people selling and negotiating

Fresh fruits and vegetables

Smiles and laughters

Smells of food and spice lingering in the air

Young girls and boys chasing after each other

Abu and Ummi holding hands down the bazaar smiling and buying dinner for that night….

Somewhere far is a bazaar that someone calls home

While my home may not be far over in the East

I can see in the eyes and the stories of those who I speak to that home is not far from right where they are

I would love to visit bazaars in different countries

But by seeing, hearing, and listening to those from afar I see the “warmth” of those bazaars right here in the place I consider home




She Moved Me

Islam india delhi

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She always tell me

Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh

And I reply

Wa alaikum salaam

She motivates me to keep going

“Lauren, you’re doing it. Keep going. Get the full reward.”

wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh

She smiles

She always remind me that Islam is a beautiful way of life

To always motivate ourselves and other sisters we come in contact with

To never give up

To keep going

To keep striving even when others around you don’t

She said ” Lauren, it’s like a race. Some people will fall down in the race and get back up. Some will fall down and stay down. Some will run and keep running, so Lauren be like those who keep running. Never stop! Get up and keep going!”

She always says, ” My sis”

My motivation is indeed unsurpassed when speaking with her

She reminds me of the hereafter

She never downs me, but keep gentle in her reassurance

She reminds me of how hard it is, but how easy it is to be the only Muslim in her school that practices Islam

She tells me of her constance learning of Arabic and the Qur’an and Sunnah

She strives and keeps going

She tells me I am a strong Muslim, but I have to keep going and become stronger

She never give up on me

She see how I seek knowledge

She guides me when I need it

She pushes me when I let my guard down

and masha’ALLAH

I love her for the SAKE OF ALLAHSWT because she is my sister in deen that pushes me for the SAKE OF ALLAHSWT!

A Quick Chat

Peanut M&M's

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Walking from class

We met again

Well, for the tenth time or so

My Saudi sister

I see her

She sees me

We both giggle and smile from afar

We give each other the greeting

She takes my hand and I shake it

Masha’ALLAH is what I say

We exchange a few words between my break and her time before studying

She gives me M & M’s and I give her “thank you”

She tells me of her trips to Turkey and Europe

and I smile

Two Muslimahs enjoying each other’s company

In the middle of our conversations we meet other sisters

Assalamu alaikum is what we say

Wa alaikum salaam is how they respond back

They wave and smile and continued about their day

A nice break from the day is what I say

Our days are long and worn down because of work and school tasks

But seeing others like yourself reminds you that this dunya is temporary

And there is more than just this

The sister and I depart once again

With smiles on our faces

And Love in our hearts

My sister in Islam

My sister in Deen


Beautifully Wrapped

The Bazaar of Kashan, Iran, with women wearing...

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Assalamu alaikum sis,

She smiles at me

Wa alaikum salaam

I smile back

Her hijab complements her face and adds a touch of glamour to her face

She looks at me and complements my style….

We both say, ” We look good”

Covered girls are what we are.

Beautifully wrapped in our outergarments

Ready for the world in front of us

Proud to say ” We are Muslim

Our trust lies with ALLAH

Our reliance is surely with him ALONE

Our fear of others and their comments are absent from our hearts

We walk amongst those that expose their bodies and beauty

But we….well, we are Muslimahs

Beautifully wrapped up and gorgeous

Obeying our Lord

Respecting our beauty

and conscious that our minds are more prized than our bodies.