A Change in Perspective

She is different now
No longer seeking dunya
Seeking His pleasure


She Walks Alone

Her heart is filled with joy

With certainty

with purpose

As she travels she walks alone

Her fight with inner desires is overcome with the remembrance of her Lord

She watches as they fill their 7 intestines

As they drink from the cup of sin

As they prostrate to the world in front of them

As they take this world for play and amusement

She watches from afar at a people who spends their lives in this world as if it was eternal paradise

She wreckons that they are truly misled

They turn to her in utter remiss

They laugh at her

Point fingers


and comment

But surely, she understands that this world is nothing but a test

A test of our loyalty

A test of our faith

A test of how we live with desires and wants

Carefully, she walks amongst this earth as a stranger

Understanding that one day her time will come

In which the angel of death will come to take her soul

Dunya Slave

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We are in this dunya

We spend of what we have

Either for our needs

Either for the sake of ALLAH

or for the sake of just spending

We are in this world

for a temporary time

Our lives are either spent serving our Creator

Or serving the desires that resides in our hearts

Our lives are filled with temptations

from within

or from the surroundings we are in

So simple to give in

So easy to say yes to the forbidden things

But so hard to say no

The ProphetSAW told us that the hellfire is surrounded by passions and desires, but paradise is surrounded by hardship and trial

The path to paradise isn’t easy

Nothing that is good comes easy

As we walk throughout the path to paradise, our lives will be tested over and over again

Or we going to serve ALLAH or this dunya?

I Was Asked

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She faced me

She smiled

” Why do you sit by yourself at lunch because I can’t do it?”

I smiled back

I looked at her

I prefer to preserve and protect my deen

“What do you mean?”

My company is for those who reminds me of this deen

” There are good Non-Muslims”

Yes, there are nice Non-Muslims, but my need for worldly conversation is not in my heart

We can have fun

We can play and joke and do the lawful things

But sitting and befriending Non-Muslims will only increase your love of this world

” Well, why don’t you sit with some Muslims”

Well, there are plenty Muslims but how many are practicing?

Our company should be of those who can increase our faith, can motivate us, and who can strengthen us.

So, I prefer to just sit by myself.

Looking around

Observing how Islam have changed my life, even if it means sitting by myself

” Oh, I understand.”

Back In HighSchool

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We all were Muslimahs

We talked

about tv

about school

about worldly things

But I wanted something

I wanted to know about me

about this deen

I struggled in wanting you guys to help me

to guide me

I was invited to my 1st Eid party

the music was playing

the girls took off their hijabs

the women were plucking their eyebrows

the henna was being applied

I looked around

I reflected

You invited me to your home

you invited her girls

kafr and muslim

they gossiped

they danced the night away with the music


I wanted someone to help me

to guide me

I was Muslim, but that wasn’t enough

I wrote you notes asking to help me

to guide me

you never responded back to my calls

I suggested we all pray at school since there was no time after

Only 1 sister came, but soon left me because she was scared to be singled out amongst the others

I quickly realized that having friends meant more than having just Muslimahs

but having ones that can increase your faith

I didn’t know then

I didn’t understand why

But when I am told to choose them wisely

Now I now

Our friends can either make or break up

Our friends can either want this dunya or want the hereafter

So now…

I have fewer friends before

Not many

But enough to say I am strong upon my deen

to know that a friend should be one to motivate you

to guide you

to signal out to you that this world is short and temporary

and there is no time

for the believer to spend it on the worldly life


A Temporary World

The Home and the World

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Dunya, dunya, dunya

I know your tricks and deceptions

Your appetizing delights

Your unpromising promises

Your crazy misguidance

This deen tells me about you

It tells me of your deceiving ways

Your temporary luxuries

Your fascinating amusements

As thought some may compromise their deen for your sake

I am one who seek to strive for ALLAH’s sake

To lend my tears to this journey I have surrendered to

To continue forward in a world that means nothing to the believer

I walk passed the miniskirts, the bars, the clubs, the boyfriends, and gossip

Step towards the way of beautiful delights and wonders that lies with my Lord

One step at a time

One test at a time

One tear at a time

Moving forward

Moving forward