Where Do You Stand?

Assalamu alaykom,

Where do you stand? The question isn’t about your current, physical geographical location. The question is philosophical. As a consumer in our global-community what are you doing to better this planet? Are you one of those people that just sit around for a better day to come? Are you expecting “those” activists to come on television to change the world? Unfortunately, you are mistaken to think that activism is specific to a special person. We are all activists- some of us are just simply inactive. As long as we are here and living we are playing a role. We are either making the world better or not.

The state of the world is in disarray. There are children being killed on a daily-basis from war, people living under the poverty-line, homelessness, starvation, sex slavery, lack of education, gendered-crimes committed, rapes, and etc in our world. All of these crimes against humanity is happening in our neighborhoods, cities, villages, countries, and regions. These crimes against humanity can be stopped if you stand up for those that can’t do it alone. Oppression can be fought, so never think you can’t help a cause. Everyone can do something- small or big. It is our choice to be lazy or to be active in the world in which we live in on a daily basis.

Do not stand on the wrong side of the fence. Do not choose to straddle between the two sides. Find your side and hope that it’s the right one. There is never an excuse for oppression. Figure out where you stand right now. Elevate your knowledge of the world by reading, interacting, asking questions and seeking out truth(s). Be willing to change your line of thinking for what is in the direction of truth and honesty. Never settle for idleness and doubt. Find certainty in your heart. Allow the knowledge that you seek become penetrable into your heart. Let it sink in and stay. Growth sometimes come with pain and in that we develop as individuals. The world simply need people with big ideas and drive. Get others to help in a cause or causes. Spread the word. Inspire others with your knowledge. Share it wherever you may go.

The road you may tread upon may be hard at first, but remember that the struggle is worth the end result. It may be a little foggy and dark, but remember that knowledge is true freedom. And down that road is light. So, as you travel down this road to enlightenment never give up. Always cling to your heart for the heart is never wrong.

So take a stand right now.


Change the World, My Friends!

Assalamu alaykom,

I am trying to move away from just wishful thinking and sometimes nonsensical postings on my blog. I believe the world is more than just a post on a blog or a status on Facebook. The world is always moving. There is not a second that there isn’t something happening- good or bad. In these seconds there are things occurring to something or someone. Some of these things you may or may not hear about in your daily newspapers or media-outlets. So, what does this mean to me or to us as a whole?

It means we have a responsibility. Our responsibilities are so great that it means we will have to give up some of the ways in which we live and how we think. The world is in such a wreck that we cannot afford to dismiss the issues that are happening right before us. 

According to BBC NEWS, “In pictures: Tanzanian girl’s long walk to education,” it is ” estimated that 29 million primary school-aged children, more than half of them girls, are out of school in Africa”.  This is a real issue affecting millions of families and girls. Furthermore, this affects us. We are all connected as a global-community.  Education is the one thing that many Westerners take for granted because it is so readily accessible and a changer of lives. However, if education is not accessible then what do you do? How does one view the world differently? What are other possible options? Many times, young girls are quickly wed at an early age when education is not accessible. Yes, this is only one issue out of many, but it is quite valid and important to discuss. 

I must admit that I do feel guilty to know that I sometimes skip classes at my university just because I didn’t feel like going. However, I understand now that this view of looking at education is egregious. I have a duty to understand that education is a privilege and not necessarily a right. And that I shouldn’t take education for granted. And if I do see a wrong I should strive to fix it.

The prophet Muhammad peace be upon him) said “If you see a wrong/evil then you have a duty to 1) stop it by using your hands 2) stop it by using your voice 3) stop it by hating it in your heart and this is the weakest of faith”

As a consumer of this global-community, I have a duty to change the world by first looking at the way in which I view the world. I must change myself. I must understand that my thinking is flawed because of the luxuries I have been given due to my place of residence. I’ve never had to walk for miles to get an education or walk for miles to get clean running-water. I’ve never had to deal with the strife of war in my home-country. I’ve never had to deal with being hungry. These have never been my own personal realities. However, these are the realities of individuals every single day on our planet. Yes, our planet. We are responsiblity for this planet. We have a duty to help and to shape the outcome of this place called our own. This planet is a shared space. A space that we all use and utilize. This is not a political post. This is not even a rally on wordpress. This is simply a stand against injustice. This is simply a call for equality. A call to change the world.

So, my friends…change the world. Have big ideas and go out and execute them!

For further enlightenment, please watch this beautiful video called “Baraka”. I watched this in my philosophy class. I think the video will spark something within you and get you thinking about the world around you. 


The Heart of Bliss

I want you to bend over and bury your hands beneath the earth
And embrace the crumbling soil that rocks in between your fingers
Feeling the rough and moist earth cradling in your hands
Intensify this rendezvous by pushing forth deeper
Within the deep depths of the earth
I want you to marvel in this enchanting experience
Experiencing love in new ways
Collapsing upon His earth and transcending
Turning your body slightly to see the sun’s rays kissing the dandelions that springs forth
Their roots deeply woven within the earth in which you found the definition of love
Feeling granules of soil caressing your fingers as you dig further
Closing your eyes to concentrate
Learning to finally give and not to take
Giving your all; igniting a new flame within the deep depths of your soul
Reveling in this new enlightenment
No longer with-holding this new fervor and zeal
Becoming one with love
Gleaming with a heart in ecstasy

The sound of rain-drops

rushing to crash

end upon the ground in which we walk

sending through this complex place called my body

a jolt of reality of this this place we call Earth

racing back twenty-one years

when my being was being made

into me

dancing within my mama’s womb

playing charades within her belly

making imprints of my existence on her body

so quickly have time flown by

like the mingling of raindrops giving birth to


with sudden droughts depleting it

the collision of life and death

life being weaned away gradually

taking another soul

the air today smell just right

the mixture of life and death spun together

like a vinyl record being spun on a record player

just turning and turning until its end

just like our end

finding our way

sometimes stumbling and

making the wrong times

possibly the right ones


sometimes just breathing

crashing and burning along the way

experiencing the complexity of the

world in which we live

making way for this

making way for that

seeking to make the record play for eternity

even though the place in which we live

is finite



racing to fulfill our worldly lives

when our time will quickly come to an end

like the crash of a raindrop upon the ground