A Lesson on Love: Her Story

I wonder how she feels when he unhooks her, one layer at a time
Exposing little by little the most intimate parts of her
Unwrapping her, to find her as needy, as beautiful, as shy, as seductive, as hurt, as strong as the next person
leaving her vulnerable and exposed
Does his perfectly wrapped, warm hands around her body make her quiver all the way down to her toes in euphoria?
Does his piercing gaze into her eyes cause her heart to become erected in ecstasy?
Does his lips, his warm and welcomed lips, cause her to melt within the kiss?
I wonder how she feels when he says “I love you” gracefully and passionately off the tip of his tongue with no regret/ with no holding back.
Does her adrenaline rush with a racing heart that beats like riveting African drums?
Does she bite her lip, just slightly, extremely seductively, enough for him to take notice, that he had discovered the address to her heart?
Does she count-down the days he will stay or will she paralyze such thought and love without an expiration date?
Does she disarm herself of all uncertainties and allow for him to love her passionately?
Does she admire the way he looks at her when they are alone in the bliss of their own world?
Does she feel beautiful and dangerously striking when he sees her naked and bare in the face that she adorns in makeup publicly?
I wonder how she feels when she is alone
Does she feel dangerously seductive, attractive and beautiful in her own bed/ in her own thoughts?
Does she understand that she is whole in solitude without him?
Does she love herself dangerously and without regret when he is not present?
I wonder how she will feel when she finds herself to be a lover of herself.


A Love Like No Other

Many times throughout the day she would talk to him
Tell intimate secrets of her life
Asking for help and a little hope
You know…things sometimes get hard
Jasmine, a young woman of 18
never found a love so true
so deep
so real
Always finding time to seek out a place
to take out time
to whisper when others were around
to vent
to have someone to talk to
You know…things sometime gets hard
A recent divorce between her father and mother
An unexpected death of a cousin
An upcoming graduation from high-school
A recent marriage-proposal
She needed someone to confide in
To listen to her
To give her hope
A little reassurance
Her heart was heavy
Bearing weight she sometimes wasn’t sure she could hold
Eyes that would bleed pain
Hands that felt unsteady and sometimes shaky
In the early hours she would awake from her slumber
Slumped over in her hands
Calling him by His names
Reading His words
And praying that He will never leave her alone
in a world in which demons lie and souls are taken
in the blink of an eye

A Man’s Stark Realization

Sitting there in summer’s heat

A midstĀ grasses and flowers

He look onward

Thinking with an inquisitive mind

Watching the clouds pass by him

Birds racing to feed their young

Squirrels chasing one another to an unknown place

His heart began to feel heavy

Overcome with intense emotion

Gushing forth were pebbles of mercy escaping his eyes

One by one meeting their way along his cheeks, down his beard

Contemplating his reality

Our reality

That nothing is forever

Not the seasons that comes and goes

Not the soil that brings forth flowers

Nor the wife he recently wed

Every thing would have its fixed time in this world

Because to Him we come and to Him we returneid muslim man beard