Mom, Dad...I Hope You're Proud of Me

Tonight, I cracked open this heart
Climbed in
And began seeing your mark on the interior of my very being
Being so immersed within this soft, but tender heart
I found nothing but your mark being scattered everywhere
within me
Your love, your words, your advice
And your guidance as being like the staff of Moses
most powerful and revolutionary
Telling me to only strive for greatness and nothing less than the best
Instilling in me self-confidence and motivation
to reach for my dreams
and to mark up the walls of the world with my signature
change the place in which we call our home
and make revolutions flourish like wildfires
commit poetic crimes and be my own voice
have my own voice
seek to be nothing but a leader
strive in being nothing but myself
and to never allow anyone to slay me into silence
My parents, my loves
I dedicate these words to you
every pen-stroke
every sentence
every page
every tear that I have shed internally
because you are indeed apart of me
as I am apart of you
and that’s beautiful

Oh Lord, give these two individuals the best of this world and give them the best of the hereafter. Ameen.


A Man Stuck Between Two Worlds

Rahim Fazel of Rapouts

Rahim Fazel of Rapouts (Photo credit: @superamit)

I look into his face to see fear, passion, hurt, and mystery
A story that will always be untold
A chapter of his life that will never be written on paper
That will never be hidden on a study-guide or an exam
For fear of what may become exposed.
His destination is unknown
His path is shaky
A journey to somewhere, but yet still stuck guessing and questioning
Stuck between his native land and his new home which will never bear his roots
Which will never taste like the spices he once knew to warm his soul?
Which will never feel like the desert wind that would wipe across his face?
Which will never feel like home?
He’s been uprooted and torn from his foundation
Feelings of isolation and a lack of connection between him and these new people
This new world unknown, but yet so promising.
Does he lie down at night crying or meditating on his next step?
Does he wrap his arms around his body to comfort the pain that lies deep inside?
Or does he look in the mirror to see a man that feels like a little boy needing a little self-assurance?
Or does he write on the pages of his notebook about the progress he has made thus far?
Or will the angels find him gliding his fingers against the Arabic script of the Qur’an reciting the words of His Lord?
Or will the angels find his tears comforting him as he cries out for the guidance of Ar-Rahman Ar -Rahim?
Or will he be sitting down…alone…stuck and without words?

What Are You Doing?

Stop complaining.

Stop whining.

Stop looking for an excuse to do less than the best.

Prostrate to your Lord in the morning and the night.

Grab hold to your sister’s hand in the deen and push her forth.

Get yourself up.

Stand straight in the path of ALLAH.

Never give up

Never give up

Rush towards your UMMAH and educate them with your expertise.

Do you have knowledge?

Then teach.

Do you know medicine?

Then heal.

Do you have patience?

Then listen to the ones who lack hope and push forward.

Don’t sit back and wait until the Ummah around you fall flat.

Pull up your bootstraps and march in the fight for your life.

A Temporary World

The Home and the World

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Dunya, dunya, dunya

I know your tricks and deceptions

Your appetizing delights

Your unpromising promises

Your crazy misguidance

This deen tells me about you

It tells me of your deceiving ways

Your temporary luxuries

Your fascinating amusements

As thought some may compromise their deen for your sake

I am one who seek to strive for ALLAH’s sake

To lend my tears to this journey I have surrendered to

To continue forward in a world that means nothing to the believer

I walk passed the miniskirts, the bars, the clubs, the boyfriends, and gossip

Step towards the way of beautiful delights and wonders that lies with my Lord

One step at a time

One test at a time

One tear at a time

Moving forward

Moving forward