Morir Soñando – Aja Monet


The Poet Recited Our Stories

I found my heart bleeding sweet melodies of their lyrical rhymes
Enchanting me to come near and to sit down for a brief minute
To arouse something deep within me
I cradled each word within my soul
as my body became limp with every second
They were talking about me
Reciting words in which spoke about my life
These feelings in which I thought no other person had felt
Tears began to fall one by one
I became as one with these poets
Our hearts became intertwined as one piece of flesh
Our experiences had meshed quite perfectly
We were no longer distant people from distant places
We were sisters upon one faith
Her deep Colombian accent crept up to reach deep into the hearts of every woman that cried the same love, hurt, and excitement
We were no longer sisters from America, Yemen, Australia, Colombia, Chile, Brazil, New Zealand, Iraq, China, or Nigeria
We were just Muslims living
Muslims experiencing
Muslims embracing
the religion in which we had embraced
Our lives were no longer confined to boundary lines, cultural differences, and language barriers
We were one
One room of women holding onto a new profound life that we had embraced
A way of life that no longer imprisoned us to unfair treatment due to our race, gender, nationality, socioeconomic status, or lineage
We were freed from the bondage in which we were once confined to
We were freed from the ignorance that held us back from true success
We were freed to smell the air
To embrace the sand that crept between our toes
The wind that blew through our scarves
The chirping of birds that woke up us to serve the one that created a way of life that liberated us