The Way He Loves

The way he says your name is enchanting, almost divine
The way he caresses your soul with his voice is enticing, outrageously provocative
He is dangerously tempting and ravishing
The way his fingers feel in between yours invites intimate conversation
The way his eyes dances across your body draws you closer in ease without regrets
He is intimacy, a lover, a gentleman, captivating
The way he kisses, tastes like years of pain mixed with seduction
The way he settles perfectly in your broken-ness/the way you fit perfectly in his
His words, sounds similar to hymns, spirituals, prayers; most sincere and heart-felt
The way he loves is dangerously honest/brutally perfect/ extremely bewitching


Shatter the Chains of Your Suffering

I’m not sure how to cure a wounded heart, a shattered soul
or where to even begin
when did God entrust me to piece together gathered parts of you that made you whole?
holy, I am not
nothing or no person can spare you other than you
you must untie/unloosen/untangle the chains of your suffering
and become a caged bird set free
so unfold yourself, dance naked within your shattered soul
and make endless love to greatness
offer up prayers to the Most Divine
in whatever way/whatever language you can
let the Most Divine know that you’re calling
that you’re crying/that you’re screaming/that you’re needing help
and maybe just sit still
sit still at the gate of your heart and let nothing/let nobody in
but God
mark today as your beginning
as the end of what was
and fly, fly high
be freed
and rejoice in the now

No Regrets: Just Southern Boy Hospitality

You told me not to tell her that I loved you
That I loved you in color
Loved you like a morning’s sunrise cracking open free into full bloom
Not to let her know that my name is stained across your lips with forever written in permanent ink
Like our love-story/engraved in the broken/most intimate parts of our souls
That you/that I
Found God in the prayers of our pain
That we’re both two wounded hearts breaking free
That I became hands open wide catching your tears
Planting my all, the seed of my love into your broken soul
That you kept me up late in conversations
Under the night’s skies with the moon and stars as witnesses/witnessing us catching flame to the igniting of this intimacy
That we made great love in the bedsheets of our most intimate thoughts
I never thought I would hate you for the memories you left burning as the centerpiece of my soul
Leaving remnants of our yesterdays within the closet of my heart
Leaving clever lies and empty promises rotting at the gate of my heart
Making me believe your words as truth like divine scripture
To only find your love as truthful as the promises you never kept
And you told me to come back, that you loved me
My love, did you forget?
Did you forget that you left bruises in my heart?
The taste of betrayal upon my lips
Shattered pieces of love across my soul
Distress written in the notebook of my thoughts
And I’ve always said I’ll never allow a man to lay his hands on me
And I guess I was right
Because your hands never found their way/their home on my body
Just the lies that you left in my heart with the rotten love you kept behind
I never knew abuse until I found you
Finding you heart-broken/shattered pieces scattered/broken in all of the wrong places
But you, you left me fractured and tortured in the prison you left of me
With my hands being a burial-ground of the hell you left for me
I unraveled my soul for a man that was less than a king for his queen
So, tell her
Tell her I was everything you never deserved
I was everything you couldn’t be
And that a real Southern boy with Southern hospitality wouldn’t call the morning after with another woman’s name still heavy on his lips, mistaking her for me
And that your game ain’t that tight because I heard the hesitation bleeding through the phone
As if she was in the next room over
Unfolding herself from the mess you made of her
And I’m sure you’re lustfully in love with her
Coming easy in her ears to come quickly in between her thighs to simply leave her
But unlike the others,
I will love me whole and never in parts
Split-opened-exposed for a man who just needs a quick fix
And that I will sinfully love me whole
Without regrets

She Found Herself Coming Back to the Divine

Tears danced, dripping from her eyes in need
in want/in search for the Creator
Hands outstretched/open-wide
Trembling in the offering of her heart
The world disappeared/fleeting to only leave her alone
in the meeting between her and her Lord
The mumbling of her words/her silent prayer
said in tears/prounounced in hurt/in search of the One
became the vaccine for the sickness
that resided in the broken parts of her soul
the most intimate parts of she that cried out in rebellion
against the darkness that prevailed through every crevice of her internal self
For too long she lost touch with the Creator
the Truth
Her sealed-shut heart beckoned to be explored
to become a playground of exploration
to be set aflamed
ignited by the Divine
Her brown, almond-shaped eyes/windows of her soul
watched the clouds saunter across God’s heavenly skies
with the sun’s rays peeking through/kissing her paralyzed body
Her feet/dug beneathe the beach’s warm sand/felt worms cuddling their way between her toes
she sat in the midst of her broken self departing/
reaching far within her innermost self to trust the One
the Haqq/the Truth
to create distance between her and that which brought doubt
the ocean’s breeze seduced her to open her mouth open-wide
to taste its beauty nestled in the salt particles of the sea
with her ears entranced in the sounds of ocean tides rushing upon the beach’s shore
She/a soul among many/ in search of Truth
Leaned into/reached within/ her former-self
The roaring ocean tides in the deep depths of her soul settled
quietly/quiet was the sound of the world breaking free in the prison of her soul

The Transcendence of Mind and Body

Love came racing down my spine as it arched its way into climax
as I drew myself higher within the confines of my imagination
beads of sweat swayed seductively along every curve of my body
something happened that night
when I carved out my soul
with eyes shut and heart open-wide
my body sung its song
while my feet danced the lyrics of a songbird setting free
I left the world that night
and transcended what was at that very moment
setted aside all doubts, delivered up my body
leaned into the open-space
fell gently in love with the soft and somber breeze
of night-time and redemption

love was written in fire across my body
set aflame
it was my night
the unveiling of womanhood cracked open
with passion dancing through my veins
Palms sweaty with dropped tears of frustration
I raged war against myself
Undressed my soul
Soared like a caged bird
Ripped out my ego
and made prayers through the rhythmic love being made in this intimacy
between body and spirit
in the width of my arms outstretched wide
I was my own lover kissing myself tenderly
exploding like a volcano erupting
as danger fluttered across my lips
as my lips mumbled words of life
in the places where death lived

That night I transcended mind and body
through the dance of life

We Are More than Dreams Deferred: A Dedication to Those Seeking to Leave A Legacy

We are people
We are people always seeking to find greatness in ourselves
But as people we sometimes fall short of seeing our magnificence
For He above the Heavens have placed within us miracles
Miracles, as in dreams
But our dreams are sometimes just blueprints
Blueprints laying limp like unbirthed dreams
Waiting for someone to give us the go-ahead
The green-light
The wave
The nod
The sign
So today
Right now I’m telling you
At this moment
That we will birth greatness.
Give rise to something more than limp dreams dangling amidst our doubts
We will set aflame our resurrected dreams
that’s been deeply hidden in the cemetery of our souls.
And climb from beneath the rubble of our yesterdays
And let our caged-birds take flight
Become like children again
Finding the infinite beauty that lies within our sacred souls
Peeling away restrictions
Any sense of doubt
Letting our imagination sketch dreams into reality
Become renegades for action
Never allowing the world to silence our hands from taking action
For we can be sunrises awakening into full bloom
Become galaxies unfolding/unraveling
Stars/constellations lighting up our darkness
And discover the hidden treasures
that lies beneath the inner-most parts of our beings
Yes, we
We are blueprints
Blueprints sketched out in our souls
Drawn into perfection
Perfection still sitting on the edge of our tomorrows
Our dreams
Sometimes just hidden dreams
Lying lonely in caskets
Dreams deferred
Put on hold
Put on idle
Put on standby
But we, we are more than dreams and blueprints deferred
We are galaxies in motion
We are centuries entrenched in countless wisdom
Wisdom unimagined
We are galaxies outstretched wide
Wide as in you
You are stars, dust, and cosmic rays
Spun together like a record
Spinning together your endless magnificence
And there is nothing more magical than that evidence
We are miracles standing on the edge of our greatness
Within you is something sacred
For He above the heavens is always guiding us
Keeping his eyes on us
Pushing us to soar/to fly
To become more than broken/deterred/deferred dreams
So, dig within the galaxy in you and
make the stars brighten up the path from within
let them uncover/discover the key to your souls
for your dreams has been locked away too long
hidden beneath the rubble of your doubts/uncertainties
Set your life/your dreams into motion
Let your dreams climb out of their caskets and join in this dance/ in this festival
Let your dreams illuminate/ let them shine
Let the magic/this abundance of magic that is unraveling within your soul
To come center-stage to perform
And grab onto those dreams of yours and fling them open wide
For we will never be broken sunsets/falling/shattering/ within the doubts and uncertainties of our dreams
So, side-steps those doubts and dance to the tunes of your magnificence
Take your hands and unravel those bonded/contained dreams of yours
For today, we will stop writing eulogies for our dreams and make our dreams apart of our realities.

True Soul-Searching

As an individual discovering her identity, I believe I have seen the multi-layers associated with finding one’s self. I believe that our identities are forever evolving and changing as we interact with people, experiences, knowledge and media. It almost seems impossible to not see how we are not static people, but we are dynamic. We are forever changing. It’s true that we may ignore the world around us and not seek out various perspectives for personal-growth, but if we keep ourselves isolated from various perspectives we will never grow. 

In taking my current philosophy class I had stumbled upon a quote by poet and writer, Audre Lorde, in her essay on Race, Sex, and Gender:

“Change means growth, and growth can be painful. But we sharpen self-definition by exposing the self in work and struggle together with those whom we define as different from ourselves, although sharing the same goals” 

In defining our identities or trying to come to terms with our identity, it may be a painful experience. It may take tears and sweat when we begin our personal examination. When we go through this exciting, scary, anxious and painful journey it takes us to be real. We have to take everything deep within us to be truthful with who we are. It means putting aside our ego and looking at ourselves in the mirror. We have to look at it in a way that isn’t distorted. We can’t try to look at it in a way that is anything but true. 

 “You wanna fly, you got to give up the shit that weighs you down.” 

― Toni Morrison, Song of Solomon

When we begin this exploration in finding ourselves or discovering our identities we have to let everything go and just explore. 

That Kind of Love

The poem is really repetitive, but if you hold out I think it says a lot about love. Maybe it’s romantic, but maybe not. Allahu alim.

That Kind of Love
We all want that kind of love we see in movies
We all want that kind of love we read about in books
However, do we know what that kind of love is
Let me tell you about that kind of love
That kind of love that doesn’t need introduction
That kind of love that will drag you from your darkness
That kind of love that will have you drenched in euphoria
That kind of love that will strip you from all lust and anger
That kind of love that will comfort you in times of sorrow
That kind of love that will never run dry
That kind of love that will always keep you satisfied and fulfilled
That kind of love that can’t be falsified in times of intimacy
That kind of love that will have you gasping for air
That kind of love that will never leave you nostalgic for yesterdays
That kind of love that will leave all pain at bay
That kind of love that will have you floating on cloud nine
That kind of love that will have your adrenaline rushing
That kind of love that will come at you slowly like a sunset
That kind of love that will cover you in ecstasy
That kind of love that will have your soul jealous
That kind of love that will leave you motionless and breathless
That kind of love that will have you singing sweet melodies in your sleep
That kind of love that will leave your heart content
That kind of love that will leave you begging for more
That kind of love that will have you crying tears of passion
That kind of love that will make you tremble and shake
That kind of love that will bring you to your full potential
That kind of love that will bring out the human in you
That kind of love that will have no barrier
That kind of love that will feed you a good meal to send you on your happy way
That kind of love that will never leave you starving
That kind of love that will massage your heart back to life
That kind of love that can’t be said with “I love you”
That kind of love that can’t be bought at your local store
That kind of love that can’t be spoken but experienced

Dauntless Soul By: Najla

One of my favorite poems about the reality of this world. We should remember that Allah created us to worship Him and Him alone. We may mess up in life and struggle, but remember that the promise of Allah is true. If we strive for his sake, then inshaALLAH we will make it in his Jannah.