The Transcendence of Mind and Body

Love came racing down my spine as it arched its way into climax
as I drew myself higher within the confines of my imagination
beads of sweat swayed seductively along every curve of my body
something happened that night
when I carved out my soul
with eyes shut and heart open-wide
my body sung its song
while my feet danced the lyrics of a songbird setting free
I left the world that night
and transcended what was at that very moment
setted aside all doubts, delivered up my body
leaned into the open-space
fell gently in love with the soft and somber breeze
of night-time and redemption

love was written in fire across my body
set aflame
it was my night
the unveiling of womanhood cracked open
with passion dancing through my veins
Palms sweaty with dropped tears of frustration
I raged war against myself
Undressed my soul
Soared like a caged bird
Ripped out my ego
and made prayers through the rhythmic love being made in this intimacy
between body and spirit
in the width of my arms outstretched wide
I was my own lover kissing myself tenderly
exploding like a volcano erupting
as danger fluttered across my lips
as my lips mumbled words of life
in the places where death lived

That night I transcended mind and body
through the dance of life


The Ultimate Question is: Who Are You and Have You Found Yourself?

As individuals, we are always changing. We are the sum of all of our experiences. Who you are now is the result of everything that has happened to you and everything you’ve been through in life. So, what does this mean? Well, it means that we are complex people. We aren’t just one experience. We aren’t just one event. We’re all of them. So, take a step back and see what you’ve become. The question of “who am I” is really hard for all of us. If we were to take out time to honestly answer this question than we may find ourselves stumbling to get a definite answer. It’s quite okay. This question isn’t easy. It isn’t supposed to be for anyone. However, if you find this question easy than you may have figured out the secret of life. Life is complicated and scary. There’s many things that remain unanswered, but we continue seeking those answers. And we enjoy the process of finding those answers. In looking at ourselves and who we are…there’s pain. For many of us, there is pain and struggle. Why? Well, we are all undergoing our own journeys in life. These journeys will look different from one person to another. So, don’t feel compelled to look in the same mirror as your best-friend because there are things that I am sure that your closest of friends may have never told you about. So, don’t be so quick to compare. This isn’t an exercise for comparing and contrasting our lives with others. Just take the hand that you’ve been dealt and enjoy the journey that you’re in for.

For some of us, we are very happy with who we are and what we’ve become as individuals. On the other hand for some, we are still looking in the matter at an image of shattered pieces. So, keep finding yourself, inshALLAH.

Live your life with truth and integrity. Never seek anything else. It’s all about seeking truth and when you find it than keep it. Never let it go.

“If you lose your integrity, you will also lose your identity, your sensitivity and your dignity. Integrity is honesty, modesty and security in all kinds of weather. It should be our priority!”
― Israelmore Ayivor

Let the one that guides Guide you in your affairs. Truly, in He is the truth. He holds all Truths. So, keep seeking the truth of He that has placed breath into your body.

Alhumdulilah. All Praise Be To He Above the Heavens and The Earth.

True Soul-Searching

As an individual discovering her identity, I believe I have seen the multi-layers associated with finding one’s self. I believe that our identities are forever evolving and changing as we interact with people, experiences, knowledge and media. It almost seems impossible to not see how we are not static people, but we are dynamic. We are forever changing. It’s true that we may ignore the world around us and not seek out various perspectives for personal-growth, but if we keep ourselves isolated from various perspectives we will never grow. 

In taking my current philosophy class I had stumbled upon a quote by poet and writer, Audre Lorde, in her essay on Race, Sex, and Gender:

“Change means growth, and growth can be painful. But we sharpen self-definition by exposing the self in work and struggle together with those whom we define as different from ourselves, although sharing the same goals” 

In defining our identities or trying to come to terms with our identity, it may be a painful experience. It may take tears and sweat when we begin our personal examination. When we go through this exciting, scary, anxious and painful journey it takes us to be real. We have to take everything deep within us to be truthful with who we are. It means putting aside our ego and looking at ourselves in the mirror. We have to look at it in a way that isn’t distorted. We can’t try to look at it in a way that is anything but true. 

 “You wanna fly, you got to give up the shit that weighs you down.” 

― Toni Morrison, Song of Solomon

When we begin this exploration in finding ourselves or discovering our identities we have to let everything go and just explore. 

Down the Road was Truth

He has grown to love the streets
to long for its people
to escape within its danger
to be swallowed up by the crowd
finding no love within the place he called home
growing up next to
Arabs, Puerto-Ricans, Blacks, and Indians
he found ectasy within the sweet melodies of
words that no longer resembled the language within his own home
far from the four-walls of a place he no longer
found comfort
he escaped with a world that intrigued him
got him motivated to seek out purpose
to find his way in dark alleys, beneath bridges, and in abandoned places
where poetry was recited by outsiders
where coffee was the third party within the conversation of two people
where laughter found its way even in the darkest of places
where the smell of bakhoor lingers from the local oil -shop at the end of the street
where young girls jump rope with pigtails
and young boys stare in their prepubescent years
not understanding the female anatomy
The sound of qur’an recitation lingers from the inner-most part of somebody’s heart
powerfully engaging the ears of those that passed by
the melodic words engulfed a soul
that drew closer to it with every word that was recited
the smell of jasmine tea intertwined with the recitation of Qur’an kept him standing
standing outside of a store that said “closed”
hanging up in the window
with faint lights within to only keep lit the room in the far part of the store
The recitation became stronger and powerful
louder and emotional
bringing the man into tears
placing within him questions
the man knocked
not a soul came to answer his knocks
so he sat there listening to the words that flowed so eloquently from the voice within the store
finding his heart immersed in a language he had only heard from his neighbors
but nothing like this
nothing that kept him in submission
nothing that kept him tied down
tears began racing from his eyes
find his hands supplicating
begging for purpose
seeking out his reason for living
for being alive
as he lifted his voice to supplicate
the door behind him opened quietly
as if not to disturb the soul that was supplicating to a being far removed from this worldly life
He bent down to offer the supplicating man
a cup of hot tea that he had smelt down the road
and invited him in to talk
The man accepted the invitation
and from there
He discovered his purpose
He discovered the truth
He discovered Islam

Teacher of Truth

White desert near to Baharia, Egypt

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Full of life and passion

Her voice moves the weak

Moves the harden

Wakes up the dead

We listen attentively to her daily

Seeking her knowledge

Seeking her guidance

Some of us converted

in need of a path to travel down

our need for knowledge is as urgent as a beduoin need for water in a hot desert

She pulls us up from the depths of hell

giving us light to see

allowing us to realize truth from falsehood

reminding us to be on guard against the shayateen and those who will pull us down


We tune in from different places globally to listen to her

To remember our duty to ALLAH

to learn about our religion

Sometimes we have those days in which our jinns try to keep us down

but the strength that one gets from this teacher of knowledge

keeps us firm and strong


We log in

Give our salams to the muslims

and wait

So the angels can bat their wings and make du’a for us