Words Make Worlds: Dominique Ashaheed

This is a powerful look at the power of words and how it shapes our relationship with the world and ourselves.


Conversations to be Remembered

There is something magical about us
the way we create galaxies with words
ideas exploding fantastically into existence
creating worlds unseen to none
Me, you, gravitating towards each other, dangerously
like bees and honey
our conversations is intimacy
me undressing you, you undressing me
vulnerable and naked
terribly enticing
so many times I have died, self-annihilated, resurrected on the daily in our intimate conversations
and I stand, on edge, on the edge of my soul
offering up litanies, my prayers in the form of the tears I shed internally
have a person ever touched you right there?
Caressing your heart with open-hands, love unrehearsed, pure and undiluted
Embracing you fully without regrets, never loving you in just parts or pieces
I have.
the moment we started to engage in these intimate conversations
tangling ourselves into each other’s lives
where ‘yes’ or ‘no’ is never a simple answer to our many unanswered questions
you fired the wick in my soul, set it aflame and ignited me
there is something magical
maybe fantastical about you
the way love hides itself in the burial ground of your words
and sometimes the pain
your pain, my pain
wraps itself tightly,coiled around our hearts
imprisoning us from a full spiritual-awakening
i wish we could break down this wall called suffering and love without barriers/without boundaries/without questions
and maybe, just maybe, we can find the Divine in all of this
maybe your world, maybe my world will never make sense together
to what others may say, to what others may think
but damn it, it makes sense to us
and it makes sense right now
for the future is out of our hands
and yesterday is forever gone
and now is all we have to cling onto
so grab my hand and lets run
lets race towards the door of love
and open it
fling it open wide and go through it
because our words, our conversations
are powerful, addictive, enticing
forever dynamic, never stagnant
like us

I wonder if you know how it feels to have your heart
taken from beneathe your flesh and bones
To feel exposed
Experiencing moments in which we bonded
Spilling out our hearts like childhood friends
Finding rest and peace in each other’s words
Yeah, we bonded like a young child to its toy
A mother to her babe
However, I just hope that this pain
that this unexpected loss of a friend
will not burden me into anger
for anger will only keep me imprisoned
I wish these words will penetrate deep within the wounds of this darkness
where demons and jinns play
so that you’ll know that a heart should be nurtured
not used and abused
to have our innnermost secrets revealed to one another
to have our lives presented like a piece of art on display
How can it be so easy to leave someone’s heart vulnerable?
To run away from the bond that we had
Where are you
It’s been too long
and your absence will forever stain me eternally
leaving me wounded from this assault on my innermost being
I wonder if you have restless nights
that are cold, dreary and dark
My friend I wonder if it hurts for you to really love
for you to dig deep within the essence of this human-experience

why are you so speeachless now

A Love Like No Other

I want to collapse within your arms
Ride upon the tidal waves of your words
Become immersed in your thoughts
Rest my heart upon yours
Lie limp while listening to your secrets
Indulge in a world that is secretly ours
Gaze upon one another
Watching one another breathe
Matching our heart beats with one another
Placing our hands upon each others heart
Feeling our bodies intertwine
Beating like drums
Racing like cars dashing down an open road
Our eyes meet
Looking within each other’s windows
Seeing fear, love, excitement and hurt
Tears racing down his face
Shattering upon my hands
Lifting his head
Wiping away his tears
Holding onto his hands and whispering
“My love, I will never leave you. I will always be right here”